The Order of the Longing Look

Harness the power of longing

 Metaphysical Foundation

The Like from Like Principle

The "like from like" principle states that anything coming from the Source (God etc) must be like it. In fact, it must be exactly like it. The Source cannot create anything that is not perfect or else it wouldn't be perfect either. The simple logic of this is flawless, and the consequences far-reaching. For where then, DOES the world come from? 

Yet though the metaphysics in the apprenticeship training offered here provides an answer, without a correction of perception and the practice of this in daily life, all metaphysics is useless. 

We cannot change what happens to us in life and the challenges we face in it, but we can change our EXPERIENCE of it, and that is what counts. When we learn to put the mind in its proper perspective, we take charge of cause, instead of being at the mercy of effect. The spirit will take care of things on the larger metaphysical side.

Just being open to this idea is already the 'crack where the light comes in'.


“Aster” means astral. Disaster means you’re not connected to that higher place that knows better, which may lead to disaster. The best way to be connected is to dis-spel that which seems to disconnect you. Then you can be guided to what’s best for everyone, instead of what’s best for your ego – that thing that wants you to believe that you are a body, and to hold you under its spell of darkness.