The Order of the Longing Look

Harness the power of longing



  • Initial orientation session £50 
  • Single guidance session £100
  • Four-Session Series (meet once a week) £350
  • Six-Month Series (meet twice a month) £1000
  • One year Apprenticeship Programme (meet twice a month) £2000

Sessions are distance by Skype or telephone, so you will need your own Skype account. If you live locally you may occasionally be invited for an in-person session. Payment by PayPal, contact me for the details. If you have a tight budget, arrangements are possible for the extended apprenticeship programmes.

Regarding Distance Sessions:

There is no loss of energetic support and presence through distance sessions. In fact there is often a deeper connection. Interaction is often stronger without the distraction of physical appearance. It's important to have privacy for your session and to relax and prepare, as is a time for integration afterwards.

The One-year Apprenticeship

This course offers a path that is not an intellectual, involving undue introspection, considered a weed in ancient times. While courses are individually tailored and based ont the needs and wishes of the apprentice, all include:

  • meditation, to accumulate ithe nner silence to “stop the world”, the magical moment when the internal dialogue ceases and a person gains power. 'Light' meditation, an integral part of all programmes, promotes natural health and healing, but more importantly, affords direct access to the source of all inspiration and strength.
  • individually guided trance-journeying,  as a simple and safe way to approach the soul in a more indirect and oblique i.e., non-rational, fashion.  

On the longer courses, an album of memorable events in the personal life of the apprentice is made.

Apprentices learn how to establish themselves in their own protective circle of power. I  guide and guard you from certain perils, as you move through seductive or challenging scenarios, on your way through the Dark Wood. Once a certain threshold has been crossed, a new blueprint for life can be drawn up. All courses entail individual mentoring by myself. 

The Fire of Longing