The Order of the Longing Look

Harness the power of longing

About Dru and the Longing Look


"As a contemplative monk, I learned the meaning of mercy and how this can change a person's way of seeing. In  2011, in a powerful vision, I read out loud from an open book, the name The Order of the Longing Look. This name was linked to the Irish saint Columcille. I am Anglo-Irish and feel a deep energetic connection with Columcille. Leaving the monastery after 21 years, I was initiated into a different kind of service by my tribal ancestors at a place called Boa Island in Ireland. The time has come to share my knowledge, help others find their true destiny, and so fulfill my own."

Longing Look

 Longing is the secret fire in our soul. Looking from here entails a correction of perception that will return the seer to their original innocence and establish them in their own circle of power, which will make them unshakeable in the face of life's challenges.

Expanding My Work

I have over thirty years experience in meditation practice, including teaching it and guidance in trance-journeying. In the future, I plan to conduct tours to 'thin places' known to me in Ireland. In 2017, I am also running courses in the south Eifel region of Germany. The densely wooded beauty of this area, once populated by the Celts, adds to the magic and mystery that defines my work. For more information click here.

I am also a published author. My book is called The Family Jewels, which I wrote while in the monastery. The book covers Zen meditation, something I have since left behind. Although I still practice meditation, it now focuses more on spiritual openness, rather than any one religion.

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