The Order of the Longing Look

Harness the power of longing


Mind training based on longing

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Welcome to the Order of the Longing Look

 ...where your deepest longing can be experienced, 

so you can become more consciously rooted in it, 

and learn to draw its power into your daily life.

The Order of the Longing Look has been established as a remedy for the 'dis-ease' of the times, too much given to introspection and self-absorption, regarded by our ancestors as a sickness. 

Drawing on my own  journey as a monk, with extensive experience in guiding others, I offer both one-off consultations and on-going support. I'm no doctor or therapist, but I know the basic drivers of behaviour, how inner blocks dissolve and new blueprints for life, one now based on personal longing, can be written. 

In programmes of varying length, I also introduce 'apprentices' to mind-training, based on an individual's deepest longing. This longing has the power to dispel the slightest discomfort, disquiet, or fear. Mind training is supported by guidance in meditation and trance-journeying, to reconnect you to the inherent power and innocence of your mind, make this life your last one, and establish it in joy.

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